Real estate company troubles!

The most prosperous company that we have worked with in the past was a real estate company that wanted to purchase cheap but luxurious villas around the world to rent out over the space of a month at a time. This was a very tricky customer to work with, however.

There are so many different home owner regulations around the world that it can make it difficult for real estate companies that do not have established offices to navigate. For example, you cannot buy a property in Thailand without being a Thai citizen.

There is an important aspect to this. If you are a real estate company and the property needs to be purchased by a national of that location, you must either partner with a company that is based within that country, or you specifically must hire a person within that country to buy the property for you.

Either way, you are still taking all liability as a real estate company as you are purchasing a property with your own funds and trusting the person or business to not take the property from underneath you. All papers will be signed within their names, and the properties will be owned by them legally.

This makes it difficult to work effectively with any company or person, as you have no legal standing. Even if you can prove that you financially paid for the property and that you have a written agreement the property was always meant to be a purchase in their name for you, it still will not hold in a court of law for specific companies.

That is why we contacted customers who have taken a loan with us from some of the countries that this customer wanted to expand in and have them team up for 5% lifetime profit. Everyone had become a winner, and the company is doing very well worldwide to this day.

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