Prosper Project Loan

PPL (Prosper Project Loan) is a company dedicated towards giving businesses loans when they want to embark on a new project. Within this blog, we will be describing many of the instances we have helped businesses prosper thanks to their financing options with us, and their own ingenuity.

The first company I would like to discuss is a restaurant. The industry is one of the hardest industries to survive in, let alone thrive. So many restaurants launch themselves into bankruptcy, mainly because there are issues within the kitchen or the dining room that they are unaware of. Since you are always your own worst critic, it is so easy as a restaurant owner to let everything fall apart around you while getting into debt within the millions.

However, we financed a small group of friends in London who happened to be chefs. They
approached us asking for a sizeable amount as they wanted to outright purchase the property they planned to start their restaurant in rather than rent, so they could design the kitchen as they wanted.

While I thought it was too much to borrow and things may go wrong, they outright prospered. The loan was sizeable, and considering the restaurant was based in London, you could guess that the property they purchased was over a million. That is why we financed them three separate loans worth £500,000 each.

We had to offer a massive grace period as we knew that the renovation and fitting of the kitchen would take longer than 6 months. But as they had put their property alongside the loan along with the equipment that they had purchased, we knew that we could recuperate at least two thirds of the loan back.

They have already won a Michelin star. They have become a massive restaurant among the food lovers and critics in the city and thanks to us, they have already paid the loans in full.

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