Real estate company troubles!

The most prosperous company that we have worked with in the past was a real estate company that wanted to purchase cheap but luxurious villas around the world to rent out over the space of a month at a time. This was a very tricky customer to work with, however.

There are so many different home owner regulations around the world that it can make it difficult for real estate companies that do not have established offices to navigate. For example, you cannot buy a property in Thailand without being a Thai citizen.

There is an important aspect to this. If you are a real estate company and the property needs to be purchased by a national of that location, you must either partner with a company that is based within that country, or you specifically must hire a person within that country to buy the property for you.

Either way, you are still taking all liability as a real estate company as you are purchasing a property with your own funds and trusting the person or business to not take the property from underneath you. All papers will be signed within their names, and the properties will be owned by them legally.

This makes it difficult to work effectively with any company or person, as you have no legal standing. Even if you can prove that you financially paid for the property and that you have a written agreement the property was always meant to be a purchase in their name for you, it still will not hold in a court of law for specific companies.

That is why we contacted customers who have taken a loan with us from some of the countries that this customer wanted to expand in and have them team up for 5% lifetime profit. Everyone had become a winner, and the company is doing very well worldwide to this day.

Referred customers

Sometimes, if you are a lender you must rely on referral customers to find the better customers who are willing to borrow more or have a higher ambition to achieve than the average customer. One of the referral customers that we have been using is Business Loans Options and they regularly send us customers that are looking to take out a business loan for a start-up.

Start-up companies and small businesses are some of the best companies to work with if you are a lender, as you can find some very innovative companies both in the products or services that they sell, and in the way that they conduct their business.

Usually the smaller businesses are the ones that are the hungriest for success, and they work tirelessly to ensure that their goals and objectives are achieved, as they must rely on success to ensure that their business survives.

The companies that are hungry to survive are also the ones who are willing to make sure that their repayments are made on date and try to ensure that late repayments are not an issue. This makes a lender very happy, because we do not have to worry about the affordability of a company. It also means that the customer will be profitable in the loan aspect.

While we want the customers, who take a business loan with us to be successful and make a profit, we also must make a profit as a company. This is one of the important aspects of a lending company. We must be profitable to make sure that we can continue to lend amounts to other companies. If we were not profitable, then we would not be able to continue our own business.

Referrals are helpful to find the companies who are active in finding funding so they can make sure that they make a profit.

Adhesive company!

One of our favourite companies that we have worked with in the past when lending our business loans was for a company that was shipping adhesives for building companies and construction companies.

Often, these trade companies go through a lot of adhesive materials than they first plan. They use these materials while building an extension or going through a home renovation and there ends up being additional work or construction that needs to be completed that they are unaware of at the time.

Now, because there is a large market for adhesive materials and they can be imported into the United Kingdom for a very low price, this becomes a business model that is very helpful for the trades. Now, with Brexit incoming to the UK there is a lot of businesses that will be spending a larger amount on their adhesive materials, especially with the uncertainty that currently exists about the trade deals.

Now, these are all still just possibilities. There are no plans for Brexit currently that the public are aware of, and there is no way to tell the overall economic impact that Brexit will have on the average business or company. Having said this, it’s always better to plan for alternatives and if this company is able to still legally import these products for a much cheaper result, this is an open market.

This company had already begun importing these products into the United Kingdom and has already gathered contacts around all the cities in the United Kingdom that go through tonnes of adhesive materials monthly. So, it was a no brainer to fund this company and ensure that they are still able to prosper after Brexit has begun.

This investment is still a risk, but we are very eager to find out how it all pans out in the end.

Success for business owners!

Part of the proclamation of prosper project loans is to push for business owners and those taking personal loans to use these loans to become as successful as possible and turn these loans into a way for the persona taking the loan to make more money from it.

Many people take loans out for the purpose of survival, and there’s nothing to be sad wrong about that. Sometimes, people cannot be judged on needing to survive. That is a true issue for many customers that take a loan out. They need to find a way to survive and a loan is one of the best alternatives for customers rather than other ways to do so.

We want our ideal customer base to be those who are looking to turn their loan of thousands into millions. Unfortunately, the chances of that happening for all our customers are small. But that does not mean that is not our aim as a company. Our culture is built on trying to make the best of our business and bring out the best for our customers. This is a difficult culture to ensure that we continue, but it is important.

It can be difficult for a business or a to turn a loan into more than it is worth, because there are always things that will get in the way. Unexpected expenses or issues that arise for your business. Sometimes it is even personal issues that can get in the way. This is one of the most common reasons for businesses to fold, as the owner of the business can struggle or get into debt due to a family member.

Whatever the reason, prosper wants to make sure that anyone who takes out a loan does prosper from it. This will make our customers more grateful for the loan than just paying it off.

Prosper Project Loan

PPL (Prosper Project Loan) is a company dedicated towards giving businesses loans when they want to embark on a new project. Within this blog, we will be describing many of the instances we have helped businesses prosper thanks to their financing options with us, and their own ingenuity.

The first company I would like to discuss is a restaurant. The industry is one of the hardest industries to survive in, let alone thrive. So many restaurants launch themselves into bankruptcy, mainly because there are issues within the kitchen or the dining room that they are unaware of. Since you are always your own worst critic, it is so easy as a restaurant owner to let everything fall apart around you while getting into debt within the millions.

However, we financed a small group of friends in London who happened to be chefs. They
approached us asking for a sizeable amount as they wanted to outright purchase the property they planned to start their restaurant in rather than rent, so they could design the kitchen as they wanted.

While I thought it was too much to borrow and things may go wrong, they outright prospered. The loan was sizeable, and considering the restaurant was based in London, you could guess that the property they purchased was over a million. That is why we financed them three separate loans worth £500,000 each.

We had to offer a massive grace period as we knew that the renovation and fitting of the kitchen would take longer than 6 months. But as they had put their property alongside the loan along with the equipment that they had purchased, we knew that we could recuperate at least two thirds of the loan back.

They have already won a Michelin star. They have become a massive restaurant among the food lovers and critics in the city and thanks to us, they have already paid the loans in full.